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Check out our top list of radio stations in Sweden the best Sweden. You can also find the history of their radio scene, popular genres, and various settings you can utilize on our radio player.

The world of Swedish radio stations is rich and diverse offering a mix of public and private options for various content. Our goal on this page is to narrow down these numerous options into the best Sweden radio stations for you. You can also find a brief background of their radio scene if you like history. Stick around until the end for neatly packed list of stations by category.

History of Sweden’s Radio Stations

The story of Swedish radio stations began around 1920s when private institutions started broadcasting radio programs. One of the first radio stations was called Sveriges Radio or SR and it featured a variety of programs. However, as with many other radio scenes in different countries, Word War II meant the government had to seize control. The Swedish government heavily controlled radio stations until 1993.

That said, during this restricted period, commercial radio stations began to emerge in Sweden none the less. Radio Luxembourg and Radio Nord were quite popular stations around the 1960s. The problem was that Nord and many others were shutdown due to political pressure from the government.

As we mentioned, that all changed at the end of the 20th century where the Swedish government loosened its grip on the scene. Radio took off around the 80s and 90s as the government passed a new broadcasting law that allowed commercial stations to operate legally. Radio Match and Radio Nova were some of the first free options to launch in the new era featuring music, talks shows, and various other formats. Today, there are around 150 commercial radio stations operating freely in Sweden.

What Are the Best Radio Stations in Sweden? 

Music is big part of Argentine culture so there are a lot of genres being played on radio stations across the country. That said, there are numerous other formats like sports, talk shows, and news segments to be enjoyed. Here are a handful of popular stations in Sweden.

  1. Sveriges Radio P1 – One of the most popular radio stations in Sweden are the P series. P1 specifically focuses on news, current affairs, and various forms of cultural programming.
  2. Sveriges Radio P3 – The P3 Sveriges station on the other hand gears towards music. The program includes various bands and artists from genres such as pop and dance music. P3 also features talk shows, comedy, and news.
  3. RIX FM – On the contemporary side of music we have RIX that plays modern day hits and is targeted towards young adults.
  4. Mix Megapol – CHR music fans will enoy Megapol for its diverse array of artists. They also host a popular morning show called "Äntligen Morgon".
  5. NRJ Sweden – Another popular music station is NRJ that plays a mix of CHR and urban music. They also feature a rich talk show program.


Some of these are English radio stations in Sweden that feature music in English. Furthermore, some radio stations in Sweden also feature talk shows in English to appeal to an international audience.

Sweden Radio Stations by Genre

While you listen to the top list of radio stations in Sweden, you may also wonder what are the most popular genres and categories of radio. Worry not as we have prepared a list of some of the top formats Swedish listeners enjoy. Here is something for everyone.

  • Contemporary Music:
    1. NRJ Sweden
    2. Mix Megapol
    3. RIX FM
  • Rock/Metal:
    1. Bandit Rock
    2. Rock Klassiker
    3. Sweden Rock Radio
  • Hip Hop:
    1. Star FM
    2. Power Hit Radio
    3. The Voice
  • Folk:
    1. Svensk Country
    2. Dansbandskanalen
    3. Radio Viking
  • News:
    1. Sveriges Radio P1
    2. Ekot
    3. Radio Sweden på lätt svenska
  • Talk Shows:
    1. Sveriges Radio P1
    2. P4 Extra
    3. Sommar i P1
  • Educational:
    1. Kunskapskanalen
    2. Vetenskapsradion
    3. Sveriges Radio P3 Dokumentär

You will find a vast array of popular songs and artists from all over the world. From English radio stations in Sweden to native language-speaking ones, there is a lot of options to enjoy. Some stations feature a mix of formats and genres so you do not have to restrict yourself to one type. Feel free to browse around and find the right station for you.

Where Can I Find Top Radio Stations in Sweden? 

When we talk about the best radio station in Sweden, it is always down to personal preference. However, we have outlined some of the most popular ones here on our list. You can also find a detailed list of radio stations in Sweden sorted by category and city. Feel free to find the best one for you.

The neat thing about our site is that you can listen to all of these Sweden radio stations for free. Furthermore, you can continue to do something else and switch tabs as the audio will not stop. This is great for listening to radio in the background. You can also enable a dark theme for the website and the player will even save your progress so that you can continue listening at a later date.


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