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Listen to the best radio stations in the Netherlands and learn more about the Dutch radios. Find a full list the best Dutch radio stations online.

Do people in the Netherlands enjoy radio broadcasts? And if they do, what do they listen to the most? For these and many other questions regarding radio stations in the Netherlands, we have an answer. 

Scroll down to learn interesting bits about the history of radio in Dutch-speaking territories, find the most popular radio stations in the Netherlands, and enjoy a list of top-rated genres of content everyone in the Netherlands is enjoying. You can listen to the hottest programs from the Dutch right here with just a few clicks. Be sure to tap a save button on all the stations you like the most, too!

History of Radio in the Netherlands 

Did you know that the first radio broadcast station belonged to a Dutchman? That’s right, Hanzo Idzarda spearheaded public broadcasting with a PCGG from The Hague in 1919! Humble beginnings of Dutch radio history included the creation of the NRI, and NSF, and finally the HDO. Today it is known as NPO. 

The Netherlands was also famous for the manufacture of radio-sets, so it’s not surprising this country’s big on radio broadcasting. The Netherlands has hundreds of radio stations. Unfortunately, we don’t have a precise number at the moment, but we know there are over 1400 different channels broadcasting content across the Dutch land. 

 Like all other countries, the Netherlands is home to both public and commercial radio stations. All public stations belong under the roof of NPO, or the Nederlandse Publieke Omroep, the Dutch Public Broadcaster. Before NPO, Dutch radios were controlled by NOS, or the Nederlandse Omroep Stichtin. NOS has been in charge of broadcasting for decades, having been established in 1969. But even before that, radio in the Netherlands was flourishing, thanks to a pair of important organizations that brought it up after World War 2 ended. 

NPO is behind some of the most popular stations listened to by millions of citizens. In fact, the nation’s most listened-to news and sports radio channel belongs to NPO – the NPO Radio 1. Besides Radio 1, NPO is also behind Radio 2, 3FM, and Klassiek. There are also other radios that are DAB only, as well as some that are cable-only. 

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in the Netherlands?

Here are the most popular Dutch radio stations with most listeners per week.

  • NPO Radio 1 – the flagship channel of the Netherlands Public Broadcasting company, Radio 1 broadcasts news programs about current affairs and politics, as well as sports. 
  • NPO Radio 2 – The same as Radio 1, except Radio 2 is mostly focusing on music programs and broadcasts. The target audience are Dutch people aged 35-55, so there’s a lot of pop from the 1970s, ‘80s, and the ‘90s. 
  • SLAM – SLAM! Is a Dutch-language commercial radio station mostly focusing on popular music. There’s a lot of dance too – SLAM! Is the number one choice for dance music in NL. 
  • 100% NL – Another commercial radio station that plays only Dutch-speaking music. It has 5 different frequencies, and on all it plays only music made by NL artists. 
  • Radio 10 – another music radio station playing oldies.  Radio 10 is among the oldest radio stations in the Netherlands. 

If there’s a country that loves good music, it’s the Netherlands. Indeed, most radio stations with millions of active listeners are music-oriented channels, and there’s a little something for everybody there. From jazz to the hottest pop hits, the Dutch are big fans of groovy sounds. 

NL Radio Stations by Genre

Top 40 & Pop

  • NPO Radio 2
  • NPO 3FM
  • Qmusic
  • Qmusic Nonstop
  • Radio 538


  • NPO Radio 1
  • Omroep Brabant
  • BNR Nieuws Radio
  • BBC World Service
  • Radio Rijnmond


  • NPO Radio 2
  • NPO Radio 5
  • Radio Veronica
  • Radio 10
  • Sky Radio ‘80s


  • SLAM!
  • Sky Radio
  • Qmusic
  • 4Ever49 
  • Radio 538


  • KINK Radio
  • Arrow Classic Rock
  • Veronica Rock Radio
  • Baars Classic Rock
  • Pinguin Radio

Where Can I Find Top NL Radio Stations? 

All Dutch radio stations, including the most popular ones, are available for playing right here with us. Simply browse the list, find the radio station in the Netherlands you want to listen to, and hit play. You can head out and surf the web without interruptions thanks to background music playing, and if too much brightness bothers you, hit the Dark Theme and enjoy!

The best thing about listening to the best Dutch radios here is that you can do so whenever and however you like. If you prefer to use the site on your phone, you can easily do that as we allow all our users access across multiple platforms. 

Another benefit of tuning into top Dutch radios is that you can save favorites for later. If there’s a station you like more than others, save it and it will be always easily accessible for you! We also encourage you to browse radio stations by city and genre, as there are plenty of stations to choose from, and it would be a shame to miss out on good programming, especially if you are a big music fan.


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