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Listen to the best radio stations in Spain and learn more about the Spanish radio history. Find a full list of the best Spanish radios online.

Spain – the land of paella, tapas, and flamenco, and it seems, over 3,500 radio stations. If you are looking for the best radio stations in Spain with the best programs and music, you are at the right place. We offer the very best radio channels in Spain, made exclusively for Spanish-speaking audiences. 

On this page you’ll find a little bit of Spanish radio history, current stats regarding the number of stations and genre preferences, as well as a detailed list of top Spanish radios sorted according to genre. We also have a short list of the most-listened-to radio stations in Spain at the moment. Enjoy!

History of Radio in Spain  

Like with most countries, Spain popularized radio transmissions right before the outbreak of the Second World War. Soon after the war ended, Spanish households became enchanted with music and news programs coming from hundreds of Spanish radio stations in Spain. 

By the time 1980s rolled in, Spain had four major radio networks forming its broadcasting framework – the Radio Nacional Espanola (RNE), which is the state-owned network; Radio Cadena Espanola (RCE), Cadena De Ondas Populares Espanolas (COPE), and Sociedad Espanola de Radiodifusion (SER). SER was the largest of the three commercial networks (and the most popular). However, it was not until the 1982 that the law that put a cap on the number of radio stations in the country was lifted, and Spain got the right to expand the market. Soon enough, new radio stations started flooding the market by joining the commercial radio stations in Spain. 

At the moment, there are over 3,500 different radio stations broadcasting on Spanish soil. However, not all are FM – some are only available online, but for all intents and purposes, that does not concern you right here. 

The national broadcasting company RNE today owns six radio network channels, each with a clear focus and target audience. Radio Nacional is the most general of them all, covering everything from news to top music charts. Radio Clásica plays classical music and live concerts. Radio 3 is for the teens – music, culture, and news regarding the younger population. Finally, Radio 4 and 5 are for Catalan-language regional broadcasts and news, respectively. Finally, Radio Exterior focuses on international broadcast servces, and is actively listened to by over 80 million of people across the world. 

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in Spain?

Here are the most popular Spanish radio stations with most listeners per week.

  • Cadena SER – Cadena SER is the most-listened-to radio station in all of Spain. The channel mostly revolves around news, talk shows, sport news, and comedy shows. 
  • Cadena COPE – this is quite similar to SER, as the programming matches the topics covered there. At COPE, the main topics are news, social and political affairs, sports, and comedy.
  • RNE Radio Nacional – the flagship channel of the RNE, the national broadcaster. The Catalan counterpart of the Radio Nacional is the Radio 4.
  • Onda Cero – Again, a similar station focused on general news, music, and talk programs. Onda Cero’s most popular program is Más de Uno. 
  • Cadena Dial – Cadena Dial covers music exclusively in the Spanish language, coming usually from Spain and Latin American countries. 

In Spain, music radio stations are popular almost as much as news/talk programs. However, it seems Spain loves mixing, and as a result, most of the popular radio stations in Spain are actually amalgamation of music, news, talks, and sports. You can find a bit of everything on every top Spanish radio. 

Spanish Radio Stations by Genre

Top 40 & Pop

  • Cadena 100
  • Cadena Dial
  • Los 40
  • MegaStar FM
  • Kiss FM

Talk & News

  • Cadena SER
  • Cadena COPE
  • Radio Nacional 
  • EsRadio 
  • Onda Cero


  • La Flamenca
  • Flamenkito Radio
  • Radiole
  • Flamenco Radio
  • CanalSur Radio Andalucía


  • Ràdio Flaixbac 

  • RNE Radio 4
  • Radio TeleTaxi
  • Ràdio Municipal de Terrassa
  • La Veu de Navàs

Where Can I Find Top Spanish Radio Stations? 

You don’t have to visit Spain to enjoy the marvels of flamenco! You can simply browse our list of top Spanish radio stations and enjoy a variety of top-tier music, news, and talk programs right here, right now. 

The beauty of flamenco has never been closer – just look at the stations playing flamenco and other genres of Latin music above! You can also find a plethora of news channels, as well as channels talking about current affairs, hot topics, culture, and arts. There is also a list of the best Catalan radio stations!

You can enjoy all content straight from your browser, both on desktop and mobile devices. Background music allows you to enjoy browsing the web while listening to our radio without interruption. And if there’s a special radio that catches your eye (or ear?) you can click to save it for later.


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