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Listen to the best radio stations in China and learn more about the Chinese radio station history. Find a full list of the best online radio stations in China.

China is the world’s most populous country, and third-biggest country by area in the world. Radio communication is, for the most obscure places in rural China, the only source of information for millions of people, so it’s no wonder there are thousands of radio stations in China. 

If you want to listen to China’s finest online radio stations, you can tune in right here with us. Scroll down to read on the history of radio in China, see the top 5 radios in China, and enjoy a broader list of curated Chinese radio stations streaming across the globe.

History of Radio in China

Chinese radio history dates back to the beginning of previous century, but it was not until the middle of the 20th century that radio became widespread in China. In truth, China is so vast that by the beginning of the 1980s, there had still been rural parts of the country where radios were still not a common occurrence. Today, the situation is  a lot different, as most parts of China had seen a rise in popularity for TV and radio broadcasts. Remote villages, trains, and other public places commonly feature radio broadcast announcements, and many Chinese households today own at least 1 radio and listen to it daily. The China National Radio, also known as Central People’s Broadcasting Station, is the national radio network of China with headquarters in Beijing. 

For many listeners, radio represents a handy source of information, i.e., it serves the purpose of informing the citizens of the latest news, updates, and forecast. That is why there are over 3,000 radio stations covering news, informative and cultural talk programs, music, sports, and various other types of content. Interestingly, rock music is not featured as the focus at any radio station in China, as it is mostly relegated to the nightly broadcasts. You can find more information about the player preferences and most popular genres of radio networks and channels below.

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in China?

China has over 3,000 radio stations, most of which are owned or controlled by the national broadcaster. You can enjoy pretty much everything, and in pretty much any language you can think of. 

Of course, don’t forget that China is a large area with multiple provinces, and as radios use shortwave broadcasting, you might not be able to tune in for every radio station on this list. 

However, here’s a list of the most popular radio stations in China at the moment:

  • China National Radio News – CNR is the national broadcaster network with several radio stations in its arsenal, with Radio News being the most popular. 
  • Easy FM – Belonging to the CNR group, Easy FM is a radio station headquartered in Beijing. It’s a music radio station broadcasting content in English. 
  • CRI Hit FM – Also a part of the China Radio International network, Hit FM is a music channel broadcasting international pop music across Mainland China.
  • Radio Beijing International – as part of the massive Radio Beijing Corporation, the international radio station is broadcasting content in several languages for listeners in China. 

It is important to note that most radio stations in China are broadcast in Mandarin, but depending on the provinces, there are radio stations with broadcasts in Cantonese, English, Spanish, and various other languages. 

Chinese Radio Stations by Genre

Top 40 & Pop

  • Asia FM
  • Tick Tock Radio
  • 103.6 FM (Guangdong City)
  • Music FM Radio Guangdong
  • CRI Hit FM

News & Talk

  • Radio Beijing International
  • Yantai News Radio
  • WZRC
  • Nanjing Radio
  • Beijing News Radio


  • Asia FM
  • Linn Classical
  • Chinese Classical 

Where Can I Find Top Chinese Radio Stations? 

China has thousands of radio stations to offer, but the question remains: where to listen to them all? 

You can listen to the best online radio stations in China right here with us. Tune in to top-rated broadcasts, listen to your favorite programs without interruptions while surfing the web, and save the ones you like the most for the future!

You can use the save button to add stations to your favorites so that you can access them all in one place whenever you want. Don’t worry if you forget, as we also offer a full listening history where you can check out everything you’ve listened to since the beginning. Other perks exist too, including a seamless play option enabling you to enjoy the content without worrying about interruptions when switching between tabs. All streaming is also supported across multiple platforms, allowing listeners to enjoy content anywhere using light/dark themes. 

Besides Chinese radio stations, we also offer an array of other radio stations distinguished by country, city, and genre, so feel free to explore and find other popular radio stations worldwide!


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