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Canada Radio Stations

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Listen to the best radio stations in Canada and learn more about Canadian radio history. Find a full list of the best Canadian radios online.

Canada Radio Stations

What are the most popular Canada radio stations? And how does one pick the very best radio station in Canada? Stick with us and find out! See the best-ranked radio channels and networks broadcasting across Canada and enjoy the content without a single interruption whilst surfing the wide web. 

We have a list of top radio stations in Canada by genre, but we also list the most popular radios in CA on a weekly basis. Enjoy!

History of Radio in Canada 

Even though Canada was introduced to radio transmissions in the late 19th century, it wasn’t until the second decade of the 20th century that it gained traction. What first started as a government-owned medium soon went into the hands of the people with the introduction of commercial radio stations.

The humble beginnings weren’t humble at all. In 1932, Canada launched the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, the ancestor of CBC/Radio-Canada that would appear four years later. A year later in the1933, the CRBC broadcast the first newscast.

During the war, CBC provided war reports and announcements, but after the war ended, CBC finally got room to grow and evolve. In the next two decades, CBC would greatly expand by merging with several other broadcasters, opening radio stations across provinces, and introducing Inuktitut and Dene-speaking hosts. CBC-owned music channels date back to the 1970s with the introduction of FM Stereo networks, which later led to the creation of CBC Music and ICI Musique.

Today, Canada has nearly 2,000 radio stations broadcasting across the country and covering an array of topics. From news and talk shows to musical programs on art and culture, radio in Canada is as abundant and rich in content as you can imagine.

However, to properly distinguish between radio stations in Canada, you must learn to distinguish between them according to format, province, and network.

Canada provinces all have their own local radio stations that broadcast on their territories. Each radio station has an owner – a radio network – whose content is broadcast in most provinces. That is how you get to enjoy similar or the same content wherever you are in Canada.

When it comes to network programming, it’s important to remember CBC Radio One and Ici Premiere which are the English-language and French-language counterparts of the national radio broadcaster.

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in Canada?

Here are the most popular Canadian radio stations with the most listeners per week.

  • CBC Radio One – the most popular radio network in the country, CBC Radio One is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship product. It’s a news network.
  • Ici Radio-Canada Premiere – The French-language counterpart to CBC Radio One. It’s available across Canada, with Ici Premiere Montreal and Quebec being the most popular ones. 
  • CHOI- FM – a French-language talk show broadcast from Quebec City, Quebec. It belongs to Genex Communications. Also, listeners refer to it as Radio X too.  
  • QUB Radio – another French radio station popular for its news and talk show programs. It’s a Quebec radio station too.

Canada is the US neighbor, but few things can be said to connect the two countries. However, one thing they both share is the love for good music – and Canadian radios are truly experts in broadcasting music and musical programs. You can check out the most popular genres of radio broadcasts on Canadian soil. 

CA Radio Stations by Genre

Top 40 & Pop

  • CKOI 96.9 FM
  • Rythme 105.7 FM
  • CJFM 95.9 Virgin Radio Montreal 
  • CIDC Z103.5
  • CKIS Kiss 92.5


  • ICI Premiere Quebec
  • ICI Premiere Montreal
  • CHOI Radio X
  • QUB Radio
  • CBC Radio One Halifax 



  • 98.5 Montréal
  • CJMF FM 93
  • CKWX News 1130
  • CKNW Global News Radio
  • CBC Radio One Vancouver


  • CHOM 97.7
  • Classic Rock 109
  • Biker Classic Rock Radio
  • CHUC Classic Rock 107.9
  • CFJB Rock 95

Where Can I Find Top Canadian Radio Stations? 

Canada is a big market for radio stations, with hundreds of top-rated radio stations across the country. You can play all the best radio stations in Canada right here with us and enjoy top-rated music and shows. 

You can use the filters to narrow down the search according to your city or your preferred genre. We offer a variety of other perks too, such as Dark Theme, multi platform compatibility, and seamless background play. You can tune in to your favorite radio stations in Canada provinces and continue your internet surfing without stopping the music thanks to background music playtime!

There’s also the option to save the best stations you encounter as your saves. That way, the stations will always wait for you whenever you feel like listening to CA radio. And in case you forget to tap the save button, we got you – hit the listening history section to view a list of every single radio you’ve listened to in the past. 

Be sure to check out the most popular radio stations worldwide right here with us and enjoy high-quality radio programs made by experts just for you.


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