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Listen to the best radio stations in Brazil and learn more about Brazilian radio station history. Find a full list of online Brazilian radio stations.

Brazil is one of the biggest Latin American markets, which is why it’s a nexus of the Latin American radio scene. With over 9,000 radio stations, Brazil offers something for everyone. If you want to find the best radio stations in Brazil, you’ve come to the right place. 

Not only do we offer top Brazilian radio stations online, but also an overview of Brazilian radio history, the top 5 radios in Brazil, and even the most-listened-to stations in Brazil by genre. 

Enjoy the Portuguese radio stations offered here and listen to the hottest hits, informative talk shows, and relaxing beats straight from Brazil. 

History of Radio in Brazil

Brazil's radio history records start in April 1923. This year marks 100 years of radio in Brazil, and a century of history is bound to be quite fruitful. 

Exactly a hundred years ago, Brazil witnessed its first radio broadcast of the Radio Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro station. The station still broadcasts to this day, only now it goes by the name of Radio MEC. 

Within the same year, another radio station began its broadcast – this time, it was Radio Clube de Pernambuco. These two were the catalyst for a quick expansion of the Brazilian radio station landscape. For the next twenty years, the market grew to include thousands of stations dispersed across the country.

The first-ever national radio program in Brazil was called A Voz do Brazil (The Voice of Brazil) produced by Empresa Brasil de Comunicação. Empresa is the country’s public broadcaster. The first air was in July of 1935, and it still airs to this day – it is the oldest radio program in the country! With a runtime of 60 minutes, A Voz do Brazil is an informative program with a series of famous presenters.

Radio + TV Brazil

The 1950s were definitely the most important decade for Brazilian radios. It is then that so many new radio station transmissions began, alongside TV transmissions from São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro. The first one was Radio Tupi in 1948, which was quickly followed by TV Tupi in São Paolo two years later. In fact, the TV Tupi Channel 3 was the first TV broadcast in Brazil ever, and Latin America in general. TV Tupi started broadcasts in Rio the year after that, with TV Paulista and TV Record joining with their own transmissions in São Paolo in the next few years.

Satellite broadcast began in 1965, which was followed by the broadcast of TV Globo in Rio de Janeiro. However, digital transmissions, the ones we are using still to this day, began in 2007.

Over the years, the interest, participation, and tastes in Brazilian radio stations have grossly changed. However, one thing always remained true – Brazilians love variety. That is why online radio stations in Brazil offer one of the biggest selections of radio stations that encompass a wide array of music genres and radio formats. 

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in Brazil?

Brazil is home to nearly 9,000 radio stations. According to Statista, there had been 8,438 radio stations in total in Brazil two years ago, and by now, the number must have grown to include additional stations in Brazil. 

Here are the most popular Brazilian radio stations that most listeners listen to every week:

  1. Jovem Pan
  2. Metropolitana FM
  3. Radio 80 FM
  4. Nova Brasil 89.7
  5. Rádio Gospel Adoração

The tastes in Brazil are diverse, and they span a mix of musical genres, talk show programs, and religious radio. The list above reflects that, as all five listed Brazilian radio stations represent one important piece of Brazil's radio landscape. 

Brazil Radio Stations by Genre


  • Metropolitana Sertanejo
  • Rádio 106 Sertaneja
  • Rádio Geração Sertanejo Universitário
  • Sertanejo FM
  • Rádio Sertaneja Raiz

Pop & Top 40

  • Metropolitana FM
  • Antena FM
  • Jovem Pan FM São Paolo
  • Mix FM São Paulo 
  • Alpha FM 101.7

News & Talk

  • Radio Globo RJ
  • Super Rádio Tupi
  • Rádio Guaíba
  • Jovem Pan News
  • Transamérica SP

Rock & Classic Rock

  • Rock FM Brasil
  • Rádio Geração Rock Nacional
  • Kiss FM
  • 89 FM - A Rádio Rock
  • Rádio Anos 80's

Catholic & Gospel

  • Radio Maria
  • Band Gospel FM
  • Rádio Catedral FM
  • Canção Nova FM
  • Rádio Gospel Adoração

Where Can I Find Top Brazilian Radio Stations? 

Where can I listen to Brazilian radio? And how many radio stations are there in Brazil? The answer is plenty – nearly 10,000 radio stations in Brazil air music and news radio programs every single day. And the best thing about it is that you can listen to every single one of them right here. 

You can stream online Brazil radio stations from the comfort of your home with us. Just browse the most popular radio stations in Brazil above, find the station that you like the most, and tune in. Oh, and if you really, really like the station, save it by adding it to your list of favorites so that it is easily accessible whenever you want. 

Should you forget to mark it as your top pick, don’t worry. We keep your listening history ready for such occasions, so you can always go back and see what you listened to beforehand. 

Another great thing about listening to Brazilian music on radio stations in Brazil with us is that we offer great accessibility. Platform support? We got you. Just access the website using any device you want (including tablets and mobile phones) and enjoy the music. The site runs seamlessly in Light/Dark mode so you can fully enjoy your favourite tunes any time of the day. Oh, and if you don’t want to stare at the same screen all day, just head on to other sites and pages: our site runs perfectly in the background. 


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