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Check out the best Argentina radio stations live as well as the history of their radio scene, popular genres, and various settings you can utilize on our radio player.

The Argentina radio station scene is quite diverse so this page will be your guide through this rich world of broadcasting. We will take a look at how it all began in Argentina as well as what are some popular stations today. Stick around until the end for popular formats and genres people you can access with our Argentina radio online platform.

History of Argentina’s Radio Stations

Radio played an important role in shaping the entertainment scene in Argentina throughout history. One of the first Latin America radio stations was Radio Argentina, launched during the 1920s in Buenos Aires. Since then, many commercial and community radio stations developed prviding news, cultural programming, and of course music.

Around the 1950s and 1960s the government established Radio Nacional. This was a public broadcasting network aimed to promote Argentine culture. As we mentioned the radio scene in general was a huge part of Argetine culture and entertainment. Since the golden age of radio in 1930 and 1940s, the region bustled with music, drama shows, talk shows, news, and sports.

The scene did suffer during the 1970s and 1980s due to military dictatorships censuring and closing stations. However, after the return to democracy, the radio stations continued to develop rapidly into a variety of intrests and tastes. Today there are hundreds of radio stations around the country and the development of Argentina radio online provides even more options.

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in Argentina? 

Music is big part of Argentine culture so there are a lot of genres being played on radio stations across the country. That said, there are numerous other formats like sports, talk shows, and news segments to be enjoyed. Here are a handful of popular stations in Argentina.

  1. La 100 FM 99.9 – If you enjoy pop and rock music then La 100 might be for you. They feature a rich selection of bands from various eras but also include talk shows and news segments. 
  2. FM Aspen 102.3 – In case you enjoy music from the 70s and 80s, FM Aspen has you covered with a diverse selection of bands and songs. Their program also includes broadcasting news, sports, and other entertainment. 
  3. Radio Mitre 790 AM – Radio Mitre is one of the most popular news and talkshow radio stations in Argentina. They offer 24-hour news coverage with interviews and opinion segments on politics, culture, and society.
  4. Blue 100.7 FM – Blue features some of the best programs on fashion, cinema, and other events around Argentina and the wider world. They also offer a mix of contemporary pop and rock music.
  5. Radio Nacional Folklorica 98.7 FM – A veteran radio station that specializes in traditional Argentine folk music as well as broadcasting about culture and education. They also feature a segment related to Argentine history and heritage.

As you can see there are a lot of options even among the five most popular radio stations in Argentina. Some of them offer music or programs in English for a wider international appeal. Now let us dive deeper into popular formats and music genres.

Argentina Radio Stations by Genre

When listening to our Argentina radio stations live, you will come across many formats. From popular music stations that feature local genres like cumbia, reggaeton, and folklore to talk shows and educational stations. There is something for everyone so we wanted to provide you with popular options for each category:


  • Radio Nacional Rock FM 93.7
  • Radio Mitre Rock 100.3
  • Aspen Classic FM 102.3


  • Los 40 Argentina FM 105.5
  • Radio Disney FM 94.3
  • Vale FM 97.5


  • La 100 FM 99.9
  • Mega 98.3 FM
  • FM Cielo 103.5


  • FM Urbana 104.3
  • Vorterix FM 92.1
  • Radio One 103.7


  • Radio Nacional Folklorica FM 98.7
  • FM La Patriada 102.1
  • AM 750


  • Radio Mitre Deportes FM 790
  • ESPN Radio FM 107.9
  • Radio Rivadavia AM 630

Talk Shows:

  • Radio Continental AM 590
  • Radio Nacional AM 870
  • Radio Mitre AM 790


  • FM La Tribu 88.7
  • Radio Universidad Nacional de La Plata FM 107.5
  • Radio Nacional Clásica FM 96.7

Some stations will be in the region’s native langaugaes and some are English radio stations in Argentina. You will even find hybrid stations on our list that feature multiple formats and genres throughout the day.

Where Can I Find Top Radio Stations in Argentina? 

The Argentine radio scene is vast and diverse as you can see. That is why we wanted to provide a platform that will serve as a guide through radio stations in Argentina. On LRS you will find a user-friendly interface that you can navigate to stations sorted by country and by city. From our overall popular radio stations to our category-specific ones, there is something for everyone here.

Whichever Argentina radio station you chose, whether it be reggae, folklore, or sports, you can listen to them without interruptions. Our site keeps playing audio even while you switch tabs or windows. The fun does not stop. We even automatically save your history so that you can come back to stations you have listened to in the past. 

One final tip is to check out the dark-theme mode which offers a smooth and elegant interface. It is perfect for listening to music or talk shows in the late hours. 


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