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Check out the most popular radio stations in Austria as well as the history of its radio scene, top genres, and various settings you can utilize on our radio player.

Radio Stations in Austria

The radio station scene in Austria is a mix of local, regional, and national broadcasts that include both public and private institutions. There are over 100 radio stations operating today so it is difficult to find the right one for you. The goal of this page is to guide you through the most popular radio stations in Austria in terms of language and format. We shall also discuss the history of Austrian radio for those interested.

History of Austria’s Radio Stations

The first radio broadcast in Austria took place in 1924, with the opening of the Austrian Radio Broadcasting Corporation, a public service broadcaster. In the early years, ORF focused mainly on news, classical music, and education programs. Furthermore, they then began to produce more entertainment and music programs but with the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938, broadcasts became a tool for propaganda under state control.

This misuse of Austria radio stations ceased after World War II and the re-establishment of an independent Austria. ORF resumed its operations as a public service broadcaster and again expanded their programming in the 50s and 60s. Furthermore, in the 1970s and 1980s, private commercial radio stations began to emerge in Austria offering more options for various formats like music, news, and talk shows.

Today, ORF remains the largest and most influential broadcaster in Austria but there are many more stations operating across the country as we mentioned in the intro. You can listen to broadcasts in many languages and engage with various formats as Austria has developed a vibrant and diverse radio scene.

What Are the Best Radio Stations in Austria? 

From contemporary hits to entertainment programs and talk shows, the Austrian radio scene has it all. The blending of different languages and cultures has made the various radio broadcasts diverse. You can find a healthy mix of music genres combined with talk shows and news. Some even feature cultural programming about the Viennese culture and events. Let us take a look at popular radio stations in Austria:

  1. Ö3 Hitradio – This is probably one the more popular radio stations in Austria due to its veteran status. They feature a mix of contemporary hits, news, and various talk show programs.
  2. KroneHit – When it comes to pop music and entertainment programs, KroneHit is a popular option. They focus on interactive audience engagement in their talk show which is always great to see.
  3. FM4 – This is where you can follow up on all the latest news and cultural programming as well as listen to some alternative music.
  4. Energy Wien – Based in Vienna, this radio station features contemporary hits and entertainment programs with a focus on audience interaction similar to KroneHit.
  5. Radio Wien – Another Vienna station, Radio Wien broadcasts a mix of various music genres. They also have a news talk show and a cultural program focused on culture and current events.

The Austrian radio scene is all about the country’s culture and diversity. You will find numerous entertainment programs that feature audience interaction. They also have a rich music scene intermixed with talk shows that keep the public informed about current events.

Austria Radio Stations by Genre

The Austrian radio station scene is rich in music broadcasts. Let us list the most popular genres and stations for those genres. There is also a talk show category for those who enjoy podcasts, interviews, and news coverage.

  1. Pop:
  • OE3 Hitradio
  • Radio Arabella
  • Antenne Vorarlberg
  • Radio Energy Austria
  1. Rock:
  • Radio 88.6
  • Welle 1 Tirol
  • Radio Grün-Weiß
  • Radio Steiermark
  • Radio Soundportal
  1. Classical:
  • Ö1
  • Radio Stephansdom
  • Radio Klassik
  • Radio Classic
  • Radio 1476
  1. News/Talk:
  • Ö1
  • ORF Radio Vorarlberg
  • Radio Wien
  • Radio Salzburg
  • Radio Tirol
  1. Electronic/Dance:
  • FM4
  • Radio Energy Austria
  • Kronehit Dance
  • Radio 88.6 Dance
  • Radio Superfly
  1. Oldies:
  • Radio Arabella
  • Radio Melodie
  • Radio U1 Tirol
  • Radio Volksmusik
  • Radio Mariazell


Simply tune in one of these stations according to your music tastes and enjoy the broadcasts. Some of these stations feature a hybrid music program with multiple genres so be sure to explore.

Where Can I Find Top Radio Stations in Austria? 

Our website is a host to many top Austrian radio stations as well as those divided by city like the ones in Vienna. You can find broadcasts in numerous languages and for various genres. Feel free to browse around the many options and find the one that suits you best.

You can listen to various podcasts and music broadcasts in the background. Our player does not stop when you switch tabs or when you minimize your browser. It also saves your history so that you can continue listening to previous radio stations when you come back.

Feel free to also try the dark theme mode if you are working late at night or simply want an alternative visual experience. All the radio stations are available for free so do not hesitate to try them all and find the perfect one for you. Luckily, the Austrian radio station scene is vast and features many formats and languages. So we are sure you will find something you like. 


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