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Check out the most popular radio stations in Switzerland as well as the history of its radio scene, top genres, and various settings you can utilize on our radio player.

The Switzerland radio station scene is a diverse mix of public service broadcasts and private commercial stations. The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation operates several stations across the country in various languages and formats. In addition to private options, there is much to choose from so we wanted to narrow down your search with some popular stations. Below you will find a list of the top radio stations in Switzerland as well as a category-sorted list. History lovers can even learn a bit about the background of Swiss radio stations.

History of Switzerland’s Radio Stations

When we talk about the history of Switzerland’s radio stations we have to mention the first experimental broadcast in Geneva in 1922. This served as the basis for later radio broadcasts including the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation in 1923. This operation was founded as a public service and remains the country’s largest radio and television broadcaster to this day.

The number of radio stations increased over the course of the 1920s and those stations play an imperative role during World War II. Radio served as a way to keep the public informed and maintain morale. The Swiss government invested heavily in radio for this reason. As the war ended, commercial radio soared in popularity introducing the first FM stations. With the arrival of the 1980s and 1990s, the music scene expanded drastically through radio stations. 

Today, there are more than 150 radio stations in Switzerland both public and private. They feature countless languages, formats, and music genres reflecting the country’s diversity.

What Are the Best Radio Stations in Switzerland? 

As we mentioned, music broadcasts are one of the most popular formats in Switzerland. The country features stations in many languages but music generally unites public interest. Some of these popular Swiss radio stations below also feature talk shows, interviews, sports, and daily news. 

  1. SRF 3 – This is one of the most listened-to radio stations in Switzerland. They feature a mix of pop, rock, and alternative music from various artists and eras. You can also find news, weather coverage, talk shows, and traffic updates on SRF 3.
  2. Radio Swiss Pop – As you can guess from the name this radio station focuses on popular hits from the 1960s to the present day. Even though pop music is the most common there is also a healthy mix of rock and electronic music to be heard.
  3. Radio 24 – This is a Zurich-based broadcast that covers news, sports, and entertainment. They blend music and talk shows together with a few interviews in between.
  4. RTS La Première – This is a French-language radio station that offers news, sports, and cultural programming. They also broadcast music with a focus on jazz, world music, and classical music.
  5. Radio Energy – Radio Energy is a lively station that plays pop, rock, and EDM. They offer a rich news and entertainment program and also host popular events and concerts throughout Switzerland.

From German to French, there are a few languages you can hear on Switzerland’s radio stations. They have a vibrant and diverse scene that includes many formats. These are just some popular gems but there is much more to explore below.

Switzerland Radio Stations by Genre

While the languages spoken in Switzerland vary from region to region, the country shares a love for music. Talk-shows are also quite popular for various topics such as news, sports, and educational content. Here are some of the most listened to radio stations in Switzerland for these categories.


  1. Classic 21
  2. RTBF Pure FM
  3. Radio Contact
  4. Studio Brussel
  5. Radio 1


  1. MNM
  2. Qmusic Switzerland
  3. NRJ Switzerland
  4. Joe
  5. Nostalgie


  1. Studio Brussel
  2. NRJ Switzerland
  3. TopRadio
  4. Radio FG
  5. Club FM


  1. Sporza
  2. RTBF La Première
  3. VRT Radio 1
  4. DH Radio
  5. Radio Contact Sports


  1. La Première
  2. VRT Radio 1
  3. RTBF Vivacité
  4. Radio Contact+
  5. Bel RTL


  1. Klara
  2. Musiq3
  3. RTBF La Trois
  4. BRF 1
  5. Radio 2 West-Vlaanderen

Simply tune into a chosen station and enjoy the content. Note that these stations have Dutch, German, French, and English as their spoken languages. Some even have hybrid programming featuring multiple formats and languages.

Where Can I Find Top Radio Stations in Switzerland? 

As you browse Switzerland radio stations you will notice that there are stations in various languages like German, French, and English. English radio stations in Switzerland are a common sight as they are attempting to appeal to a more international audience. There are also hybrid format radio stations that feature a mix of formats and languages. You can find popular options on our dedicated Swiss radio page. That said, we also feature an extensive list of stations by city as well.

Furthermore, you will notice our user-friendly interface and radio player. It will play audio for you uninterrupted so you can switch to other tabs or windows to do your work. There is also a dark theme option if you are working late at night or just want a different visual experience. Do not worry about leaving as our player saves your history so that you can continue listening at a later time. We offer an extensive list of options by country and city so make sure you browse around and find a Switzerland radio station that suits you best.


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