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Check out the top radio stations in Australia as well as the history of its radio scene and various settings you can utilize on our radio player. 

Radio Stations in Australia

If you are searching for the best Australia radio stations for music, sports, news, etc., you have come to the right place. We shall present you with a thorough list of the best FM radio stations in Australia and the history of its radio scene. You will also be able to find pages relating to popular genres people listen to. 

History of Australia’s Radio Stations

The radio scene of Australia dates back to the early 20th century with Ernest Fisk as a prominent figure in the development process. Radio broadcasting took off with stations like 3AR from Melbourne, 2FC from Sydney, and 5CL from Adelaide to name a few. But the scene exploded around the 80s with the deregulation of the Australian broadcasting industry. Tons of commercial radio stations began to pop up in major cities and even digital radio and online streaming were introduced.

From metropolitan to regional to remote broadcasting services, today there are over 260 commercial, community, and public radio stations operating in Australia. They offer various topics from music in numerous genres to sports and news for a diverse demographic.

Commercial radio remains the dominant force in terms of radio share across Australia. It has a national audience share of around 64% compared to around 24% for public broadcasts.

There are also talkback radio formats and comedy ones in addition to music, news, and sport. Some stations even combine formats. The topics covered depend on the station but there is generally something for everyone. It just takes a bit of time to find the right station for you among almost 300 candidates.

What Are the Best FM Radio Stations in Australia? 

Australia has a very diversified radio station scene so a lot of the stations are down to preference. That said, there are certainly some that are more popular than others based on the audience. Most of them include music stations but there are some great ones based on news and even hybrid stations that broadcast multiple topics.

Here are some of the popular ones:

  • Triple J (105.7 FM) – A national radio station operated by Australian Broadcasting Corporation specializing in alternative and independent as well as top 100 lists.
  • Nova 96.9 (96.9 FM) – A commercial radio station based in Sydney with a strong social media presence that plays a mix of new and old hits.
  • 2GB (873 AM) – Another Sydney-based station specializing in news, current affairs, and a talkback format and discussion.
  • Hit Network (various frequencies) – Popular among younger listeners, Hit Network is a music-based commercial radio station with stations in major cities across Australia.
  • Smooth FM (various frequencies) – A music radio station focusing on classic hits from the 1960s all the way to the present day. Popular among older listeners.

These are just a few of the popular ones and as you can see music is one of the more sought-after formats Australian radio enthusiasts prefer. So what types of music do they listen to? Let us find out.

Australia Radio Stations by Genre

As is usually the case, the most popular radio station type in Australia is based around music. There are numerous options for you to listen to in terms of genre. Let us list the top 5 community-favorite genres in Australia and stations where you can listen to them.


  • Triple M
  • Triple J
  • WSFM 101.7
  • The Edge 96.ONE
  • Krock 95.5


  • Kix Country
  • ABC Country
  • 98.9 FM For The Best Country
  • 4TAB
  • 94.7 The Pulse


  • Nova 96.9
  • Hit Network
  • KIIS 106.5
  • 97.3 FM Brisbane
  • ZMIX106.9

Hip Hop:

  • Triple J
  • 95.3 HFM Perth
  • 104.7FM Canberra
  • The Edge 96.ONE
  • Radio Metro


  • Triple J
  • Raw FM
  • Clubbers Radio
  • 105.7 Radio Metro
  • Kiss FM

Note that these are simply a few popular options available to radio listeners. There are many other exemplary radio stations for music in Australia.

Where Can I Find Top Radio Stations in Australia? 

Our site has a large database of Australian radio stations for any genre or topic sorted by city. Furthermore, besides great radio stations in Australia you can also find popular stations sorted by categories like music genre.

You can listen to all the popular Australian radio stations for free on our site. Furthermore, a neat feature our site offers is listening to the radio in the background. This means that you can simply continue browsing other tabs or windows. The audio will not stop. 

We offer a user-friendly interface sorted by countries and cities where you can listen to something and come back later to continue. Live Radio Stations will offer you a history of your past sessions so you can easily get back in the game. 

There’s plenty to play around with including an elegant dark mode theme. Feel free to browse around and tinker with elements, the radio fun does not stop.


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